Improve health business processes

Business Improvement - 
Case Study


The Brief:


Our client was wanting to improve their workflow as well as their patient flow. The end goal was to save time, better utilise resources and improve patient as well as staff satisfaction.


The Process:

Due to a short timeframe in which this work needed to be completed, we set out from day one immediately identifying some quick wins the business could improve immediately. This included the way in which patients entered the practice and how they were greeted.


Staff were consulted about their approach and advised of issues that could be resolved through proper communication between each other and patients. Communication became a common theme through this process and as such a wider internal communications plan of action was devised and carried out.


Beyond patient-flow, finances were also reviewed. Through the review it become clear that there were a number of areas our client could make savings in. A budget and forecasting was made in conjunction with our client based on our recommended changes. The client was also offered further recommendations around investment opportunities and long term growth of their business. Following on from this, the client requested an extension on their contract in order for Exceda to assist with these recommendations.


Other Exceda Health services utilised:


  • Project Management

  • Finance

  • Data & Analytics

  • Communications