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Case Study

The Brief:


Our client wanted a way of showing the difference they were making through a particular health initiative to the health and social outcomes of their patients. They had a number of large data sets, that contained a lot of detailed social and health data, but these were not integrated together and the team had no way of easily viewing outcomes information for their patients.

The Process:

We met with the client on a regular basis to initially understand the various data sets they had access to and what information the team would like to be able to view easily to enable better decision making. They were also interested in showcasing the difference they were making to patients through the initiative to the wider health sector.

To start, we worked with their IT team to further develop our clients Data Warehouse in order to integrate social, primary and secondary care data sets together. There were a number of data quality issues that were found through this process which were fixed in conjunction with our clients community team. This resulted in a robust training process on the IT tools in use to be implemented. This resulted in much better data entry of the community data.


We worked up a series of dashboards and reporting in conjunction with the Clinical and Community teams. These dashboards highlighted key outcomes achieved and were useful for our client in monitoring progress in a range of areas across their work programme.


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