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Marketing & Communications-

Case Study 

The Brief:


This client wanted a rebrand of their organisation including website and collateral. The ethos driving the change was to keep the historical significance of certain aspects but reenergise with a new look. This was not just a superficial rebrand, the client wanted those within the sector to view them as a leader.

The Process:

We met with the client on a regular basis to initially understand the culture, the values, their mission, but also what makes this client so different from their competitors. We created a staged strategic plan set out in quarterly periods to track how the plan was progressing.


To start, we adjusted the client’s stakeholder map to understand how the refresh and ongoing communications would be maintained, as this would underpin the plan.  From there we looked at what key messages the client and staff needed to own. The first phase was to recreate the client’s website which would drive the overall ‘look’ of the rebranding. We used social media and emails to stakeholders teasing of the upcoming rebranding to keep stakeholders not only informed, but as an example of the new way in which the client will be communicating.


  • Collateral refresh: all documentation internal and external was updated with all new designs, including PowerPoint templates, letterheads and info brochures.

  • Social media campaigns: aimed at both health promotional activities, but also showcasing staff and stories of the communities the client served.

  • Press releases: were created at least twice a month to ensure the client’s successes and opinions were published on a wider scale.

  • Website: once the initial phase was completed; the website was constantly updated, and adjustments made to make it more accessible to stakeholders. An example of this was a members section for practical resource material.

  • Media/communications training: we helped the leadership team with managing how to interact with media as well as how to present their key messages to ensure consistency.

Other Exceda Health services utilised:


  • Project Management

  • Finance

  • Data & Analytics

  • Business Improvement