Medical Health Project Management

Project Management -

Case Study

The Brief:


Our client approached us to run a transformational change project in several primary care practices in the Auckland region. This project covered a wide range of areas within the clinics covering both clinical and administrative aspects.

The Process:

We met with our client on a regular basis to initially understand what they were hoping to achieve through the project. Meetings were then held with several groups that were participating in the project to understand their goals. Each clinic was assessed through a series of process mapping, time in motion studies, focus groups, smart analytics, interviews and observations to gather their baseline starting point. A project plan that was broken into achievable goals was then devised with our client.

Throughout the project, we supported the client with ongoing analytics, communications and project/change management support. We also worked with other external agencies to provide additional value to our client in terms of wider health sector engagement. Our client was able to become more efficient and effective in their service delivery as a result of our management.

Other Exceda Health services utilised:


  • Data and Analytics

  • Project Management

  • Finance

  • Communications